Impact burials
In Sulawesi, one of the largest islands in Indonesia, we find the Toraja ethnic group, a town that has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its burials and beliefs. Located in the center of Sulawesi, in the highest mountains they practice the Christian religion but without forgetting their animistic customs which make death and animal sacrifice present in their daily life. Sacrifices of oxen, pigs, chickens, etc, decorate their streets of earth with colors and all the inhabitants of the neighboring towns are united in the celebration of the funeral, celebration of a great economic outlay, which can not be celebrated until collecting the money , making the relatives "mummify" their dead by emptying the blood of their body to introduce formaldehyde and in this way maintain the deceased in the best possible state. For the Toraja the dead man is not dead until the funeral is celebrated "for them he has a strong headache", sharing rooms, moments, etc. with him, even sleeping relatives in the same room..
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